When Randeep met Sharan on October 5, 2006, they both knew that there's more explore. And when they did that..what did they find?  

Here's What Randeep has to say ....

We met first time @ Miami, and during our first date we explored enough about each other, that we wanted to know more and more.. only to fall in love with each other. I would say I RAN DEEP into her love that I asked her to Marry Me!! She has an amazing personality; she's mixing well with my friends, family (specially my Mom and Mandeep) She is religious, does her prayers, which I don't do too often, as she prays for me too! She knows how to cook. I should say she is a good cook. Sometimes I give her tough time with my criticism. Although she loves her job, especially the fact that she gets to travel to Miami. She is moving to dirty Jersey, for love of her Life, Mr.Toor ...Randeep Toor! Sharan..All I want to say is I LOVE YOU and as Guru Amardas Ji said we will have one soul in two bodies!

"A Good Marriage Develops not only by
marrying the right person
but by also being the right person"






Sharan's point of view...

Sometimes, I can't believe I have such an awesome guy in my life and I actually getting to spend all my life with him. He is opend minded, caring, loving and a great person at heart. I know he will keep me very happy, despite all the teasing he does. The main thing I like in him is that he is a self-made man. He has establised a good career with least amount of support. I could never thank God enough for brining him into my life. Randeep, I Love you and there is nothing that could separate us.
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